It has taken a long time, but I have started using Facebook. I am generally making daily image posts there. So, if you would like to see what is most current, take a look at: Personal Facebook – Public page where I post a lot of images OrcasArt Facebook  – […]

Winter flowers

This leads to a collection of images found in early November on Orcas Island. November through March is the rainy season for Orcas, and the winter climate is mild with temperatures usually between 30 and 50.  We will get an occasional snow, and the lows will drop below freezing; but, […]

Chamber Collection

The fog was most intense in the valleys of this leaf.   You can find the full set of images from this day’s wanderings by clicking on the image.

Yard finds

Things found in our yard: This black toothed mushroom is a Violet Hedgehog – Sarcodon fuscoinidicus Pixie cup lichen – cladonia Methuselah’s Beard lichen This one is actually inside.  A mask received as a wonderful gift.

Autumn Rain

It rained, and the water droplets stayed on the plants and flowers for several hours the following morning. So, here’s a collection of images taken in Eastsound on Orcas Island with many of them featuring water droplets. Some of the ones I like best are here.  Others are on my Flickr […]


We were out taking a walk on Saturday, September 24th, and were going past Buck Park when we noticed an unusually large number of people at the skate park. I happened to have my camera with me and decided to take a few photos. Any time you point the camera at […]

Mail Boat

Tony Scruton runs the mail boat between Waldron and Orcas Islands. It is a four postal highway contract that he has held for 40 years. Three days a week, he runs a 27 ft boat called the Puffin. This time of year, he carries several cases of Waldron apples on […]

Beach Stuff 3

We made another trip to Obstruction Pass State Park. We like to go at low tide. Most of you know that the lowness of low tide varies from day-to-day. The fluctuation here between the various low tides is several feet. That variation is about 7 feet. In other words, one […]

A 3 hour cruise 2

We took a three hour cruise with Deer Harbor Charters. This was our third trip with them, bringing different guests each time. They operate a couple of boats. We rode on the “Pelagic,” which holds 20 people. It is the smaller of the two boats run by the company. In […]