Monthly Archives: April 2016

Flying Things

One of the big events during August is the Orcas Island Fly-In, and we attended in 2015. I have to admit, though, that what really pleases me most is when I get to see the jet fighters in our skies. I know some aren’t fond of the sound nor of their purpose, but […]

Madrona Rain

A gentle breeze causes the Madrona tree to drop some of its mature blossoms.  As they land on the asphalt, they make a sound a bit like rain.  It is the end of April and, around the base of every Madrona tree, there is a drifting carpet of yellowish-white blossoms. For […]

Tulips 2

  We moved to Orcas Island in mid-2015. We had visited the area for several years before that and had been here for every season but spring. We are accustomed to fields of wheat or corn. Wind blowing through wheat when it is green or golden is quite beautiful. But, […]