2016 Review 3

Our favorite photos of 2016

Larger images can be seen by going to the gallery.  The full gallery that we chose from for 2016 is here.


Steve’s Favorites  Jennifer’s Favorites

We don’t know who this youngster is but both of us selected this as our favorite photo of the year.  Very lucky this is in focus, as I had about 1 second to get the camera to the eye and shoot.  Both feet are off the ground; the expression is great, and the outfit is perfect for the background.

As one can see, this photo is at the top of each of our 2016 favorites list.
The spirited, playful look reminds me of another favorite photo Steve took many years ago.

We were on a Deer Harbor Charter boat. Trey (the naturalist for the cruise) and I took the same photo.  He was behind me, and we both took exactly the same photo at the same time.  They selected the same shot as their featured photo for the year.  We each captured a fortunate shot.

Early morning light highlighting the Olympic Mountains.  These are about 75 miles from our deck, but some days provide a crisp, clear, beautiful view of them.

I didn’t have my camera with me when we first saw this but had to go back and get it.  This isn’t really a water fall but rather a seep where the water is oozing slowly enough from the ground that it permits this fantastic shape.  The overcast day provided the perfect light.

Steve says, “The fog rolls up or down the hill, depending on the day. I usually take my photos into Photoshop to crop them or remove the spots that are on my camera sensor. I had turned the camera at a 45 degree angle for something different.  I also played with the “curves” and took what was a boring shot into something more interesting.  Some people like it.”

This is our driveway.  The snow and the crisp air gave us a very stark look.

Steve says, “I love taking photos when it is foggy. The nice thing about here is that the fog will often last well into the afternoon.”
Jennifer says, “I love fog. I love photos of fog. I love it here. I love the photographer. Not in that order.”

This vivid red leaf was sitting on a staircase in Eastsound. The dark wood, the greenery behind giving a bokeh (blurry) effect to the background.  I like how the light shines through the leaf.

Saturna Island is part of Canada.
One of the amazing things about this territory is how long the water stays bright even after the sun is set.

It is interesting that this photo ends up in the same place on our ranking of photos.  This was taken in the parking lot of Islanders Bank.

 It is interesting this one and the top one happen to arrive at the same spot in ranking on each of our favorites lists.
I’m fond of contrasts in artwork, so this is a masterpiece to me.
This was taken next to the Catholic Church. Steve says, “This should rank higher on Jennifer’s selections. But she decides based on something other than how difficult it was to get the photo.”
Jennifer says, “Eh, artists…(shrug)….who can explain our idiosyncrasies? Yet, I am truly impressed with this professional shot. Great work to capture such a beautiful creature in action!”

Is it the curl of the petal in the top center, or is it the colors that make me like this? Or is it both?

Steve says, “Ice formed on the lake with the gentle wave action creating fascinating patterns.”
Jennifer says, “Among his many stupendous photos this year, it is hard to pick a limited number of favorites. Since I like crystalline structures so well, it was doubly hard to choose just one among his ice photos.”

I think the cat owns this house.

Contrasts, fog, snow, trees, the mysteriousness of grey, whispering solitude.
There’s a lot for me to enjoy in this photo of our quilted forest.

An old tree with a lot of character, framed by two sentinels.

Steve says, “Each year there is a fly-in. The sky highlights the glory of this plane.”
Jennifer says, “I admit; I’m a bit plane nuts.”

Some days, it is the sunset.  This day, it was the afternoon haze that obscures the islands.

Sunlight through flowers and leaves.
Stained glass in the cathedral of Creation.

A common drinking fountain in Olga.  Yet, the colors give it character.

Steve says, “Found this as is seen here on a little used trail. The color made it stand out and easy to find.”
Jennifer says, “I enjoy the colors, textures, sounds, scents, and tastes found in nature. It is best to be cautious about the latter.”

The rain makes everything better.


Steve says, “I like the cat better than she does. So, the cat is my friend.”
Jennifer says, “He’s just checking to see if I read all the way to the end. Sic him, feline guard of the house!”


The full gallery that we chose from for 2016 is here.  If you decide to look at the gallery, we would be interested to know which images are your favorites.

3 thoughts on “2016 Review

  • Brenda Cahow

    For the life of me, I can’t imagine how you were ever able to narrow it down to these few imagines. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of all these captures! I just can’t fathom what a task it would be to sift through all the spectacular images that you two have captured and even begin to narrow it down. Wow!
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the wonderful photos you’ve shared and really enjoyed watching your growth as photographers! You’ve always been very good at the art, but I have to say, I think that having a fresh pair of eyes taking in all the new and unusual elements in your new location, has really generated a lot of growth for you in this art form.
    Keep ’em coming! I love seeing your new world through your eyes!

    • Steve Smith Post author

      Thank you for the kind comments. And you are correct, it is hard to commit triage on some of the photos. There are a lot that we liked but didn’t use. The initial idea was to take our favorite five from each month. That didn’t work. Oh well.

      • Jennifer

        Keep this in mind, peoples. This afternoon, I’ve been going back through the photos he’s posted with blog entries throughout the year. As I was looking, I was thinking to myself, “That should have been one of the favourites on the 2016 Review. Hmmmm….hey, that should have been on my favourites list! What the big, hairy deal is going on here?!”
        So as to save me time, he had pre-selected the best into a folder from which we both chose. Now, I understand and appreciate this kind gesture on his part. However, he neglected and utterly cast aside some beautiful photos that should have been in that pre-selected folder!
        Okay, fine….so, we would have been at the computer for a couple of days. I’m glad you take photos, dear, and lots of them. You do well. So, maybe you’re right. We should do “best of the month” posts.
        That shall be our 2017 resolution. Sincerely, Ida Clare.

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