I want to take your picture. I want to take pictures of things that are important to you.  I do this for fun.  I don’t charge anything.  My wife and I enjoy photography, writing, and getting to know people.  We don’t publish anything that you don’t want us to.  What we want to do is spend some time with you.  Get to know you.  Ask you questions.  Take photos of all kinds of things.  Perhaps write a bit about our conversation.   We will take that back to our place and boil it down to what we think is most interesting and beautiful.  We will then share that with only you.  We will ask you to look it over and edit anything you want.  That means you can ask us to delete images or rephrase anything we have written.  Once you approve of what we have, then we will publish it on

Why?  We do this because we think that a community is made up of all kinds of people.  We have all kinds of different ideas and backgrounds.  We don’t judge you or try to persuade you of anything.  We simply think that the better we know each other, the better off everyone is.  We hope that you will be willing to share with us and others what is important to you.

You are welcome to any of the photos we take.  They are free.

All we ask is that you allow us to share with others the images and story.