Humpback Whales

When family comes, we all go visit the area wildlife. Deer Harbor Charters makes sure passengers see some local critters. We’ve been out three times and had a great experience every time! The orcas get a lot of attention in this region, but there are other wildlife wonders to enjoy. […]

Shrimp & Crab

July 16 was opening day for the Dungeness Crab season off of Orcas Island. Dave and Sue Morrish allowed us to tag along. A big thank you for the experience. A couple of visiting nephews also joined me. Step one was to bait the crab trap.     We were a […]

Blood Drive

My wife, Jennifer, regularly donates blood. This was her first time donating on Orcas Island. So, I decided to tag along and take pictures of the process. The drive was held at the Fire Station. The department clears out the trucks from the garage (thank you!) and lets the blood […]

Sucia Island

Some wonderful friends decided we needed to see Sucia Island. It is one of the world’s top boating destinations, as is evidenced by the many visitors to the island. Many visitors come by kayak. It is 2.5 miles north of Orcas Island. We took a fast boat and arrived in a […]

Orcas Art

A long time ago, I spent a year in South Korea, teaching conversational English.  I spent a bit of time in Seoul, a couple of months in Pusan, and about nine months as nearly the only Caucasian in Daejeon. My students frequently invited me out on “promises.”  They wanted to […]