Humpback Whales

When family comes, we all go visit the area wildlife. Deer Harbor Charters makes sure passengers see some local critters. We’ve been out three times and had a great experience every time! The orcas get a lot of attention in this region, but there are other wildlife wonders to enjoy. On our second trip out in October 2015, there weren’t orcas in the region. However, they made sure folks saw something amazing. That means we got to see humpback whales!


From books and images like these, you know they are big creatures. But, it really strikes you how huge they are when you have the opportunity to see them in person!


There is lots of other wildlife to see, so excursions out to sea are well worth it.


For more photos, please go to the Flickr page. You’ll notice that Steve had the camera clicking through several appearances, so you can see images in series as they surfaced.