Orcas Island 2015 Fly-In A bit of weather but still some interesting planes and people. Many more images on my Flickr page   Many more images on my Flickr page

Fairhaven Steampunk Festival

  The Fairhaven Steampunk Festival was well attended with a number of people showing off their outfits.  The Nathaniel Johnstone Band performed. More images on my Flickr page More images on my Flickr page

Orcas Feeding

Phil Nicklen took multiple photos of Orcas feeding off of the coast of Norway, and the National Geographic has a nice story in the July 2015 issue that also references the Orcas of the Pacific Northwest. The story is worth a read.  Also, google “Phil Nicklen” to see many of the images that […]

We took a ride on the ferry

Actually, we have taken multiple trips on the ferry, and there is always a different view. Here is a collection of pictures taken on a couple of the most recent rides. You can find more on my Flickr site                       […]


Today, the sky is full of smoke. There are a number of fires to the east, as the summer of 2015 is very dry. Some of the smoke obscuring the sky is from a fire on Portage Island, but it is likely that a good portion of it is from the fires […]


I am one of those people who needs to see the data or to perform the experiment myself to see if I agree with something. That sometimes gets me in trouble when I hesitate to go along with the crowd before having done my research. Sometimes, that research doesn’t agree with […]

Garden Tour

Each year, the Orcas Island Garden Club hosts a tour of some of the fabulous gardens on the island. We attended last year’s tour and this year’s. Each garden is unique and always a treat. This year showcased five gardens. You can find the photos that I took on Flickr. […]

How did you find Orcas?

How did you find Orcas Island? So far, this is the most common question we get asked when we tell people we just moved here. The short answer is that my climate research placed the San Juan Islands in the running. Then, after visiting many of the communities that have […]


Nebraska / Orcas Island: We were born and raised in Nebraska.  Imperial, Nebraska is farm country.  Cows, pigs, corn, wheat, and a few other miscellaneous crops, such as popcorn, sugar beets, dry beans (pintos, blacks, etc), are what make the area work. Things are different on Orcas.  The economy seems […]

What is Orcas Art?

We recently moved to Orcas Island from Nebraska.  We purchased a place on Buck Mountain more than a year ago but are just now making it home.  Orcas Art is one of my hobbies.  It is a place to post pictures of the area.  But, it is also a place to […]