Guest Photographers! 2

At the recent Orcas Island Community Church BBQ and baptism, we had some help!  Here, we’d like to recognize these fine artists who contributed to the Orcas Art blog! First, we shall show you photos of the guest photographers themselves.

Grant was needing a tripod, and I (Jennifer) was handy. (grin)


Next with the camera was Santy. Here, she is by the baptismal pond before taking on the role of photographer.


I was going to give Grant’s sister, Satine, a chance at our camera, since we’d learned she was interested in photography. However, my memory card got full before I had a chance. Rats! Next time! Meanwhile, here’s a great photo of Satine (and her mom, Daphne). I believe Santy took this one.



We’re impressed with the shots both of these young photographers took. Good job! Oh, and by the way, Grant, way to go on capturing Steve! It is hard to get a photo of him. He sometimes hides from the camera just like someone else we know. (wink)(smile)


Thanks for sharing your talents, kids! Keep on clicking!

So, now, here they are — the photos from our guest photographers:

080716_BaptismJ_143 080716_BaptismJ_138 080716_BaptismJ_173 080716_BaptismJ_167 080716_BaptismJ_165 080716_BaptismJ_163 080716_BaptismJ_162 080716_BaptismJ_161 080716_BaptismJ_160 080716_BaptismJ_158 080716_BaptismJ_156 080716_BaptismJ_155 080716_BaptismJ_154 080716_BaptismJ_153 080716_BaptismJ_152 080716_BaptismJ_146


2 thoughts on “Guest Photographers!

  • Daphne Tyree

    What a beautiful photo and such a special time with you and both.
    Thank you Steve and Jennifer

    • Jennifer Post author

      Please thank them for sharing their talents on here! We had fun, too!
      Steve and Jennifer

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