The Bird

June 22nd, 2015 — Today, while we were in the office, we heard a horrendous bang on the window behind me. I went, “Whoa!  That was quite a hit! I hope that wasn’t a bird.” Steve said, “It sounded like it.” So, I stuck my head out the front door and […]

Sunny Days

June 20th, 2015 9:22pm here, and the sun just sank below the horizon!  We’ve been watching the Common Nighthawks dart around and dive.  Right before they “pull up,” that’s when their wings make the truck brake sound. And, I do think we have two different sounds going on. Nature’s noisy! I […]

Who’s Calling?

June 16, 2015 Our Nebraska technology is in a new land. Steve came up with good imagery for the situation this morning as he came back from making a phone call. Several decades ago, there was a television show called, “Green Acres.” A city girl and a country boy got […]

High and Deep Wilds

Several years ago, I (Jennifer) started the habit of regularly writing and sending emails to loved ones regarding what we discovered while traveling. They continued during our wanderings of the Pacific Northwest, when we were searching for a house. For several years, we visited the region and toured a vast […]


Nebraska / Orcas Island: We were born and raised in Nebraska.  Imperial, Nebraska is farm country.  Cows, pigs, corn, wheat, and a few other miscellaneous crops, such as popcorn, sugar beets, dry beans (pintos, blacks, etc), are what make the area work. Things are different on Orcas.  The economy seems […]