What is Orcas Art?

We recently moved to Orcas Island from Nebraska.  We purchased a place on Buck Mountain more than a year ago but are just now making it home.  Orcas Art is one of my hobbies.  It is a place to post pictures of the area.  But, it is also a place to describe some of what we see and how we interact with our environment.  We don’t have an agenda to push.  We are not trying persuade anyone of anything or sell anything.

But, I would like for this to be more than just random pictures.  I hope that, as time goes by, I can find people who will share their lives with me and anyone else curious about those who live on or find their way to Orcas Island.  I am looking for people who will let me come to their home or workplace and get to know them. I want to take some pictures of them and the things that surround them.  I’d like to integrate those images into the text about them.  I would let them review it before sharing online here on this site.

I don’t plan on making any money doing this.  It is just something that will help us get to know the place we have moved to and perhaps help the community.  I am persuaded that the more we know about each other, the stronger the community.