Community Church 8

This is a photo set taken July 29th and 30th, 2016, focusing on the Orcas Island Community Church.  Jennifer wanted to participate in the Gospel Choir organized by the Community Church. Anyone wanting to participate was invited to practice on Friday and again on Saturday, then perform on Saturday evening. So, I tagged along and took photos of anything that interested me while I wandered around the church. This is a collection of both things found at the church and some of the people who participated in the music workshop.

I highlight some of the photos here but the full set can be found on my Flickr page.  Click any image to enlarge.




Dr. Stephen Newby directed the workshop.



Dawn was a bit surprised when I took her photo.  Thanks for letting me!




Pastor Dick Staub and his wife, Kathy.


Susan Osborn gave a special performance


Not all of the participants fit on the stage so the bass singers stood on the left and the altos on the right.


Many more photos on my Flickr page.

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8 thoughts on “Community Church

  • Christianne Erwin

    You have a really good eye and camera ! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of this fantastic event. ?

  • alison magner

    A wonderful 3 days. Amazing to have the word of God come to us through, singing from the community, conducted by the talent and leadership of Dr. Stephen Newby. Beautiful poetry and a touch of humor with Malcolm Guite. The wisdom of Gods words from such an learned professor, Jerry Root. Song and music with Jeff Johnson, Pastor Brian Moss and Susan Osborn. This was all from the vision and hard work of Pastor Dick Staub. I’ll tell you it made my heart sing…even if my voice can’t. Not to forget the talents of Steve, the photographer and Jennifer, the new Gospel singer. :)) Thank you all.

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