Mail Boat

Tony Scruton runs the mail boat between Waldron and Orcas Islands. It is a four postal highway contract that he has held for 40 years. Three days a week, he runs a 27 ft boat called the Puffin. This time of year, he carries several cases of Waldron apples on each trip. He also carries the Amazon Prime packages that have no other way of getting to the 2900 acre island. It is a little less than 2 miles, if one flies. By boat, it is about a 9 mile trip. And, since there is no air access to the island that is intentionally kept primitive, this is the only way.

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There is an interesting article from a long time ago that was done by the LA Times regarding Waldron. I find it interesting because of the reaction of the people to the idea of a story being done about the island. It has been fifteen years since the story was published, and many of the people have since moved. But, I think it is a reaction  that holds true for many humans anywhere and at any time.