Fly-In 2016

A very active weekend.  There were more things going on this weekend than it was possible to participate in.  One of the ones we chose was the 2016 Orcas Island Fly-In.

There are a couple hundred images altogether. We are featuring 15 of the best here (click to enlarge), and a different 15 are featured on our Facebook page.  The rest are in a Flickr album in case you would like to see all of the images that caught our eye.

The event is held annually at the Orcas Island Airport.

080616_FlyIn_036 080616_FlyIn_051 080616_FlyIn_063 080616_FlyIn_068 080616_FlyIn_083 080616_FlyIn_111 080616_FlyIn_163 FlyIn2016bq FlyIn2016bz FlyIn2016cs FlyIn2016cx FlyIn2016dc FlyIn2016i FlyIn2016n